Friday, April 16, 2010

The Kidnapped

3.40pm, Monday, 12 April 2010 - A birthday girl was kidnapped by 2 good girls and 2 bad boys. The victim looked a bit scared but still can give a sweet smile. Here's how the story goes.......

Smile??Did she know she's being kidnapped??

After 2 hours of driving..OMG!!Desaru..No prank, no water throwing or what so ever..haha..Don't worry la dear.We also didn't bring any changes..

Have fun together.Took pictures here and there.I'm in the picture,for sure I'm not the photographer.
Waiting for sunset.That's the main point there actually,to watch the beautiful sunset right at the sea,but we all got it wrong.How can the sun goes down at the same place it rise?

Took the last shot at Desaru than back on the road to the next destination.

Rawa Steamboat, we lost on the way there..haha..RM18/head and eat whatever as much as you want, free flow drink, ice cream as the dessert..worth it la..(just snap,forget bout the setting or whatever, I was too hungry for that..hehe)

The poisons are ready...haahahaha..

After busy eating at last we caught someone to snap the picture 5 of us.Errr..too many glasses for 5 persons but who cares.
Back to UTM, having chit chat session at the lake.
This classic look remind me of my grandparents house.Miss my hometown damn much..
Went to K9 looking for some drink..So thirsty lor..No picture there because the battery exhausted already..same with us..
and last but not least...
Thanks for letting me be in your friends circle.


farahin khairi said...

like this~! haha

AdlieMusa said...

ari the coolest? errr~

Adi said...

hehe..farahin,good 2 know u like it..
adli, u've problem with that huh??haha..can't think of other suitable title actually..

. . . h u s n a . . . said...

mantap !!

Adi said... yg mantapnye??kalo aku..aku tau da..hahahaha