Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lake of Ice cream phone is rrringging lor..
friend: hye there..we wanna hang out at the lake while having ice cream..wanna join us??wait downstairs, we'll pick you up within 10 minutes.don't forget to bring your new 'baby'.
me: ok. we the lake..
These are fishes. "They are friends, not food". That's only happen in Nemo. For me they are totally food.

Sometimes I wonder, there are so many lights at the lake but seriously dark at colleges. The trees and lake need the lights more than people do??

Snap here...

Snap there...

At take the camera and snap whatever you want..I'm exhausted already la dear..

Found it nowhere at the lake because it obviously not from there...

p/s: I just upload some of the pictures here.For those who involve, if you want the rest of them just come to my room next sem.don't forget to bring your own hard disc/pendrive.

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